Sunday, July 26, 2009

Main website & Questionnaires.

I am going to apologize greatly!!

Due to my laptop harddrive crash, the link to submitted questionnaires was lost. So I was unable to access those submitted questionnaires.

SO if you have recently sent a questionnaire, please make sure you send me a regular email and let me know. I am afraid I have missed some people and it was not my intention.

Computers are great when they work ... and nightmares when they don't!!

Thanks for the understanding!!!

Headed to a new home!!

Her name is now "Maggie Marie" (correct me if that has changed Tim & Karen). Mommy "Isis" and Uncle "Malone" also were there to meet and greet (and see Maggie off to her new home).
She is the "Black Tri Girl #1" from Isis's litter born in Feb.

I am thrilled!!! I am sure Maggie will be settled in and comfortable in no time!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meg x Kane pups 5 weeks

Here is the "Crew" they are growing fast and showing their wonderful personalities!!
This is Boy #1 (he is not for sale)

This is Boy #2 (he has a home pending)

Here is the only Girl (I would consider a working home for her .... she is going to be a go-getter!!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Listening to life.

I like my pups to get used to all the 'sounds' of a house. So as soon as they can toddle around, I bring them into the living room in an expen (on a waterproof piddle pad of course!!) and set them down to 'listen' to life.
At first they just look around and whine .... I usually run the vacuum and keep the TV on so they hear all kinds of things!! Eventually they just look at me like "WHEN are you letting out of this!!"
They have already learned how to pile out of their pen, and waddle around on the floor as soon as I open it. Watch out world .... they are winding up and getting ready to go!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Visitors

Sherman is a puppy from my Champion "Coree's" very first litter. The mother to the litter is "Ferron" a very cute red merle I leased from Watermark Aussies (but she was bred by "Fairoaks Aussies").I see so much of his father "Coree" in his eyes and expressions!!He is a happy guy!!When Sherman was a little puppy he was an "only" child. Sherman now lives with three adorable children and is great with them!! So coming to my house and playing with all the chaos of my group of dogs is a walk in the park compared to a house full of little ones!! Sherman is a HUGE smiler... when he does he squints his eyes shut. I was trying to get a photo of his toothy grin ... and couldn't. BUT I thought this photo was cute enough to include anyway.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Imported Meg x Kane babies just over 3 weeks!!

They are already playing and growling and being really cute puppies!!

Above: Boy #1 (black & white) He is reserved.

(yept the one eye is going to stay blue for sure!!)

Above: Boy #2 (Black tri with one blue eye). He is for sale on a neuter contract at this point.

Above: The only girl (Black white) She could be looking for a home as well (inquiries are welcome).