Monday, June 28, 2010

Headed home

The pups have begun to head to their homes. So far all accounts back from their new homes have been very positive!!
Holli headed to Iowa where she is staying in the family!! (my cousin has a new buddy and a possible 4-H project!! Good luck Ben!!).

Lindsay and "Juke" are bound for the agility rings (eventually).

Mist goes out on an Adventure.

Mist is the girl I have chosen to keep from CueB's litter. She is a lover and a goof!!

I had to run over the the store to get dog food .... so of course she had to ride along to socialize!!

Here are some videos posted to YouTube of her adventure!! They were just taken quickly on my cell phone ...

She starts off with a little "shopping"

Then she feels the need to try to "taste test" some dog food

Mist loved getting to meet and greet all the employees. Of course they thought she was the cutest thing!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Spirit Puppies!!

It was two years ago today that these wonderful babies were born!! Spirit was accidentally bred (someone - not me let her out with Bill) and it was not something I was happy about!! Then her labor was certainly NOT an easy one!! Twenty two hours later her last two puppies were born at the vet's office (one naturally and the last by c-section).
Then DNA confirmed Bill's 'deed' LOL.
Needless to say these three darling babies are doing great ... all the effort, and tears over this litter was well worth it!! And their loving homes are grateful they are around too!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"some" of the CueB pup photos

These guys are so fun to take photos of ... I have WAY more than just these!! But these will have to do for now!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kevin Evans

I had a very VERY busy fun filled Memorial Day weekend!! I got to spend Saturday doing family things (a wonderful visit with my nephew).

HOWEVER my Monday was a great day!! It started at 3am and didn't end till 2am .... but that lack of sleep was certainly worth it!!!

I spent the day at the Kevin Evans clinic!! Monday was the advanced handling/judging day (shedding, look backs, etc...). So since I have none of my advanced dogs in working shape, I chose to just 'audit' for the day. It turned out to be wonderful weather, and wonderful people were there with their dogs. I learned a great deal by just getting to watch and listen.

Since I am the proud owner of "Evan" I just could NOT pass up the photo opportunity this clinic presented.

Evan is young boy, who's daddy is Kevin's International Supreme Champion Winner ## Mirk!!

Yep Evan got to have his picture taken with his name sake!!

Since Evan was being goofy for the photo... I figured I needed to add a 'good' photo of Evan to show what a handsome 'guy' he is!!!