Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hanging out with relatives!!

The pups had a busy week this past week. I made a trip to the UKC Premier show in Richmond, IN (that was a hot one as my AC was not working in the van!). I also took the 'crew' to a friend's sheep farm near Indianapolis.

While at the sheep farm, the pups ran with all the adults. It was a wonderful thing for them to learn to respect their elders (including Grandpa Kane who is in the photo above with some of the pups).

They had a great time and slept soundly all the way home!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family comes to visit over Fourth of July!!

I was lucky enough to get to watch one of Cloud and Kane's daughters over the weekend!!
Kane and Cloud were more than happy to open up and welcome back their lovely daughter Bono!!

She was the pup I was SO tempted to keep when she was little!! But a lovely family stepped up and wanted a girl. Bono was a perfect fit for their home.

It was great to see her show 'flashes' of both her hard working parents.

Bono was a joy to puppy sit thru the weekend!!

Of course I had to have a 'family' photo before she went back home!!