Sunday, November 30, 2008

More titles for Kane's kids!!!

When I was discussing other things with Becky Beckmann of Rising Sun Farms, she told me that "Ace" a Kane kid finished his MACH this weekend!! Lisa Bowers is his owner and handler and she has done just a wonderful job!!

Kane has produced many many nice pups prior to my purchase of him, including this one. But I still am very proud of what Kane has produced (even though I am not the breeder on these pups)!! This is not his first MACH offspring and I am pretty sure it won't be his last!!
I feel very blessed to have been able to buy such a talented stock dog especially knowing that he was also such a wonderful producer!! I will be forever grateful to Becky & Steve of Rising Sun Farms.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving dinner PUPPY Style!

Well the pups are certainly sure they are ready to move on and eat more than just Mom's milk. Up until recently they have had no interest in her raw chicken pieces!! That changed on Thanksgiving!! They follow her around with her chicken piece and try to lick at it!!

Once they figured out Mom was not interested in sharing, (and they can't gum a piece of raw chicken) they moved back to the 'milk nozzles' :-)

They do get to share in Miss's daily "Calicum addition". I mix cottage cheese and water (usually a bit of yogurt too) in a bowl and add water. Miss drinks the water and gets all the extras along with it. The pups now dive into this morning ritual with great zest!! Puppy Mush is the next on the menu!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fun and Games

Yesterday was such a warm day the dogs played forever outside!! We played kick ball in the field with the soft dirt (just tilled from the crops and recent rain). Mulan loves to leap in the air and try get the jolly ball. I finally was able to get a photo of her 'airborne'!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pups are getting playful!!

I took the whelping 'pool' out of their area, so they have free run of their pen all the time now. They enjoy the space and explore around.

"I am going to win!"

Tri Girls

The Tri girls nose wrestling

Sister and Brother

Tri Girl #2 and the Blue Merle Boy

The three girls together

"Can we get out?"

Training day on sheep!!

Sunday was spent working some of the dogs on sheep. The weather was wonderful, bright sunny very little wind and well above freezing (high of 48).

Kane was the helper dog for the day. His job was to either keep the sheep together if the pups got too wild and chasing ... or to get the sheep moving to encourage some interest from the pups. He loves his job!! As many times while I am paying more attention to what a pup is doing, he can get away with being a little overly pushy to the stock, not to mention the ability to 'stir things up' in order to get a pup interested is certainly right up his alley!!

Overall we had a great day. My main hope was to get the Ellie x Kane pups who are now almost 10 mos old keen to work stock. They have been exposed in the past but the situation has been a bit big overwhelming to them, and they all seemed just on the 'edge' of turning on. My hopes/wishes were granted on Sunday. All three pups (Dora, CueB and Zeke) have turned onto stock!! They certainly showed they know how to 'catch the eye' of a sheep as each of them found great fun in chasing the sheep into a corner and holding them there with their eyes. Very natural about shifting their bodies to keep the sheep from leaving even when the sheep clearly wanted to.
Zeke with the help of his father was able to face up to three sheep and back them up one of the fencelines. It was such a proud moment for me to see my beloved Kane showing his son how to be quiet, calm and not back down (but not rush in and bite) from three sheep stamping their feet at them.

Sadly with all the action going on, there was no way I could take photographs at the same time. I did try to set my video camera up in a corner of one small working field and hit record but with my attention to toward the young pups and the upcoming holiday, I have not stopped to even look to see what I got. IF there is anything usable, it will be added to my channel on YouTube.

Another wonderful day working dogs!! Certainly something to be thankful for!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pupdate! Piling out of the pool!

The pups have now learned how to crawl out of their whelping pool! The tri girl #1 was the first to chase after mom and crawl over the side, but it wasn't long before each had done it. Now Miss is no longer 'safe' from little sucking mouths anywhere!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

PUPDATE! Miss pups are three weeks old

Black Tri Girl #1
Black Tri Girl #2
Blue Merle Boy
Black and White Girl
The babies are growing like weeds! They were having a grand time during their photoshoot barking and grunting!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fog Update

Fog went into the vet today for his official OFA hip x-rays. The x-ray looked outstanding! We are hoping for a excellent but are sure we have at least an OFA good!! As some know Fog was VERY sick as a puppy and spent a week at the clinic on IV fluids. The girls at the office were so thrilled to see him back to visit and so healthy (forever wagging his tail)!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

More photos of the babies

Blue merle boy
Black & white girl

Black tri girl #2

Black tri girl #1
The blue boy is tired of me taking photos!!

Pupdate "Miss x Blue pups"

Well Miss's pups are now two weeks old and their eyes are almost fully opened. They are beginning to bark and wobble places with far more purpose than they have in the past. The four of them are really getting to the 'fun' stage (yet Mom is still cleaning up after them! YEAH!).