Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Talk about Talent!!

Hero is the boy that came from Germany. He is a Slick (Isis x Tanner daughter) x Gibson son.

I am not sure why he feels the need to 'perch' on the edge of the kiddy pool with his back feet, as he already has gotten his front feet wet by standing in the pool... but he does!! (maybe he is trying that two on two off agility move!!).

YEAH more good news from Revy!!!

***** File photos*****
Just got this GREAT email note from Stacie Coates who is the PROUD owner of "Revy" (a Ch. Coree x Nala daughter).
"Just got back last night from a two day class trip with the kids and when I got home the Aussie Journal was waiting for me, and to my surprise
Revy finished #6 in Rally Excellent A for the 2009 year!"

*****File Photo*****


Saturday, May 22, 2010

MORE points for TIGER!!

** File photo**
Tiger is from the Ch. Coree x Sydney litter. He is owned (co-owned by me), loved, and handled by Janet Shepherd. I can honestly say I don't know of a more 'spoiled' dog that Tiger. BUT Tiger doesn't take advantage of it like he could!!
I got the message earlier today, to say that Tiger earned another point while showing at the Kokomo shows today.
YEAH for Janet & Tiger... sorry I was not there to see it.

GO GET' EM tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Video of the Pups playing in the kitchen

Here is the clip I quickly uploaded to You Tube.

They are silly goofy puppies!!

CueB x Fog pups almost 6 weeks

They are almost 6 weeks old in these photos. I have video but I have not even had a chance to look at the video. Hopefully I will get it uploaded soon!! Black and White Boy #1
Black and white Boy #2

Black and white Boy #2

Black Tri Boy #1

Black Tri Boy #1

Black Tri Boy #1

Black Tri Boy #2

Black Tri Boy #2

Black Tri Girl

Slate Boy

Slate Boy

Slate Merle Girl (she is a tri)

Slate Merle Girl

The girls

Slate boy & Blk Tri girl (talk about cute!!)

The Blues.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exciting news from the Bluegrass!!

The only thing left is the double lift finals tomorrow.

Things didn't go as I had planned (pups too much to leave behind) so I was unable to travel down to KY and watch the trial.


Dogs related to mine did very well!!

Chris Chambers is running two bitches that are out of Gem (Imp. Risp x Imp. Meg) and his male Tag. "Molly" is running Open (at the young age of two years old) and she MADE THE DOUBLE LIFT FINALS!!!

Ruby is the other sister .... she has been maturing slower but is running very well in Open Ranch. Chris retired her on a few of her runs to make sure she ended on a good note but she did some very nice things in all her runs!!

Alison Dodd ran Trip in Pro Novice and did very well too. Trip is a Imp. Risp son.

I wish I was able to attend the trial .... oh well, I am still crossing my fingers for Molly from home!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CueB x Fog puppies at four weeks old

I think we have pretty much figured out their coat length as well.

They are a great bunch of puppies that are bold, friendly and lots of fun!!
Black Tri Boy #1
He is a smooth

Black Tri Boy #2
He is going to be a tight smooth

Black and white Boy #1
He will be med. to rough coated

Black and White Boy #2
He will be a smooth

Slate Blue Boy
He will be a med. rough coated

Black Tri Girl
She is going to be a rough coat

Slate Merle Girl
She is going to be a med. Rough coat