Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 National Sheepdog Finals

2010 National Sheepdog Finals

Here is the link to the live streaming video of today's semi finals. They are doing all the runs for the finals tomorrow too!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

USBCHA National Finals Updates!!

Mollie (this past winter)


The Internet is great!! The runs are being updated quickly!!

I am crossing my fingers for Mollie!! She and Chris run on Sunday. But I am watching the link to the USBCHA National Finals to see how everyone else is doing!

Friday, September 17, 2010

USBCHA National Finals

Well the nursery portion of the National Finals start Saturday morning at 8am!!

Chris and Mollie don't run till Sunday ... but I will be following the scores as much as I can online!! With my new business venture ... I am unable to make the drive to VA and personally watch.

Click on the post label to go the scores page of the Finals website!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yesterday was a very sad day here

I am exhausted and hurting way too much to write all of what this tremendous wonderful dog has done for me. I will try to later... but for now I will post just a few of the photos I have of my beloved Risp. (he is also the dog in the top photo of this blog).

He passed away yesterday. He lived a very good long life, taught me more about working cattle than I ever thought a dog could. He worked anything and everything I ever asked him to (and did it with "STYLE"). He made me friends all over the WORLD... and I will be forever grateful for the few kids (and outstanding grandkids too) he has left behind.

He was an UK import, He had the fancy import papers and import name, He had plenty of titles (ASCA WTCH, USBCHA Open Level winner, AKC Advanced titles you name it ... )but to me he was just my 'Ispers"

He was a silly friendly boy when he was not working livestock.

But he certainly was 'always' looking to work livestock

One of my favorite photos of him. He had that creepy low to the ground style everyone loved to see and I always got comments about it when we came off the field.

I was always amazed by how fast he could move that 'low' to the ground.

A few called him a "spider" he was so creepy and stylish on stock.

One can't forget those 'trademark' areodynamic ears of his!!! (and no I never did anything to them ... his ears did that all on their own!!)

Those ears!!

He would hold a single and taught me a great deal about shedding too!!

He was buried under the tree at the farm with one of his many High in Trial Ribbons. Probably earned it on ducks ... as he was a master at keeping even fast quick ducks together!!
He would walk up on cattle so patient and quiet. Giving them every chance possible to turn and move. If they would not ... he fairly and accurately nailed them on the nose and informed them they needed to move. He knew when to bite and when to just give them time... it always amazed me how much he knew.
He was always the fun clinic dog... as I learned and he patiently taught me ... waiting till I got it.

He just 'knew' how to put livestock thru the panels or into pens... he truly understood his job.

He won me lots of prizes (including prize money!!), he made me friends all across the country and world. He would have done it for no prizes, no audience, just to make me happy.
Rest Well Old Man ... thank you for being part of my life!!!

His granddaughter is Chris Chambers "Mollie". She was 3rd in Nursey and 13th in Open at the Canadian National Sheepdog finals just recently. She will be running both Nursery and Open in the USBCHA finals starting this coming weekend. I am sure grandpa "Risp" will be smiling down on the sheep field in VA saying "Go Mollie!!!"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another great tribute to those on four legs that did so much that day!!

Please stop and take a moment

I have my own very vivid memories of this day (I was living outside of DC in Northern VA at the time).

This video is one I would very much like to pass along for others to see.

Take a moment to be grateful for our great nation. (Especially today)