Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Candy boys

These boys are just a blast!!!

Crow found a squishy soft mud puddle to cool off in!!

Hershey loves to lay in the pools to cool off!!

When a pool is not around, Hershey is fine with a bucket!!

These two sure look ALIKE!! Sometimes when I see them from a distance I call Hershey "Candy" by mistake!!

Mishka got to work sheep over the weekend!!

Mishka and I had a very busy weekend!! She tagged along (ok I had to drag her along to keep track of her blood curves) while I send an Aussie puppy to Florida. In the process we went to a friend's farm to hang out. The young whipper snappers spent the afternoon working sheep, while 'regal' Mishka got to oversee the action. This is one of my favorite photos as she is such a 'grand old lady' with ewes and lambs in the background.

She intently watched for most of the day.

At the end of the day, Mishka got to work the rams for a short time. Even old (and be it a bit 'slow') she still enjoyed herself!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Isis x Tanner babies!!

Pepper (Blue Merle Girl #2) headed to her new home on Saturday. She is going to be the second Aussie, the first one came four years ago from me too!! (Bindi seems to be enjoying her new buddy I am told!) Black Tri Girl #1
Black Tri Girl #1
Blue Merle Girl #1 (not for sale)

Blue Merle Girl #1

Blue Merle Girl #1

Black Tri Girl #2

Black Tri Girl #2
Black Tri Girl #2
Blue Merle Boy #1

Blue Merle Boy #1
Blue Merle Boy #1
Black Tri Boy
Black Tri Boy
Black Tri Boy

Dodge is doing well!!

A few weeks ago, I was able to meet Anne (Birchhollow Aussies). Anne (who is Dodge's breeder) has happily taken Dodge.

So far he has settled in well and is happy to be working stock on a regular basis. YEAH for Dodge!!

Mishka finds the cat!!

Friday I had to spent part of the day at the vets office (getting health papers for a puppy flying to it's new home). Mishka went along to be weighed and also just to 'visit'. THANKFULLY she has gained some weight!!

As soon as we got home, the cat wandered out to say "Hi". Back in 'the day' Mishka lived (when not working 'real' livestock) to stare at a cat. She could stare at them for hours if allowed to!!
She was in heaven working the kitty in the yard!!

She would stay there for hours if I would have let her!!

She still has STYLE!

As you can see the kitty could care less!!

New photos of Audrey

Here is one of the photos taken from the photoshoot (when we took Mishka to the park).

Most of the new photos of Audrey are already on her webpage, you can click below to see them!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mishka had a great day at the park

(watching the action as I was trying to get moving shots of the Aussies)

We spent part of the day getting photos of a few of the show Aussies (they were clean from the show to some degreee). Mishka of course came along (her testing supplies and insulin along of course as well).

She enjoyed the sun, enjoyed and the day outside!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mishka progress!!

(Mishka working a few years back)

Well there has been no more throwing up!! (for the last few days that is!!). Her water intake is in the normal range as well! The new new (third kind now) insulin appears to be lasting FAR longer than the others and she is reacting to it well so far.

She is willing to eat her dry food with only a tiny bit of extra added to it (special canned for low glucose) and overall is happy and comfortable!!
I was able to get more of a 'normal' night's sleep only getting up once to do a blood curve (and it was in the normal range).
She actually went an entire 12 hours before needing another injection of insulin ... which is what we are hoping to get to (twice a day like we had before).
Once we can get this hurdle passed then we can truly look at how the medication for her liver is doing too so we are not out of the woods but progress is good!!


I got the van fixed yesterday!! WHOOO HOOO (and cheaper than I expected for more things done!!)

Life is getting better!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Tanner photos!!

Here are the wonderful new photos of "Tanner" I got email to me from Germany too. He is a pretty boy!!

New photos of Slick in Germany!

I just got these photos of "Slick" (she is from the first Isis x Tanner breeding). She looks happy living over in Germany!!