Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kane and his kids in the snow

Kane and his kids were having a blast in the snow this week!!

These pups are from the Ellie litter. They just turned a year old on the 25th of this month!
We are very excited for what the future holds for them!!


Kane with Zeke laying in the background

CueB waiting for me to kick the ball

Zeke showing his 'style'

Kane with Dora. (I love this shot! The look so alike!)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow everywhere!!

I got a wonderful email full of photos of Autumn (Coral x Vegas puppy).

While she was playing with 'her snow'. Sister "Sin" was playing with 'her snow" at my house!!
I know the dogs love the snow. I enjoy it with the dogs too, but usually only after I have my vehicles dug out and I can drive around when I need to!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gabby nursing puppy video

Here is a short clip of momma Gabby nursing her babies and napping from her 'big day at the vets'. We had just gotten home and she was all settled in.

Additional video of Candy's pups

I put the first few minutes of the pups arrival in the new area (our kitchen) up on youtube. They seem to take all in stride!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tailor x Tanner puppy video

Here is the latest video of the Tailor pups.

Again I captured it at the same time as my BC pups video and it's not as clear. I am not sure what I did... but either way they are a cute bunch of puppies!!


Candy x Fog puppy Video

I am not sure what setting I changed on the video or how I captured it .. but this video is not as clear. Sorry!!

Anyway here are the 'kids' in the kitchen playing...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Updates to the website

Things are still a bit behind (we are catching up with all the puppy photos!!)

But Ellen (my awesome web mistress) was able to get a few pages updated for me above the litters stuff.

We have added some photos of me and the dogs on "About Us" page.
I do hope to add more photos and also tell a bit more of 'my story' ... but it's on 'long to do list'

Malone has new photos on his page (he is totally ungroomed but still a pretty boy!!)

Colt has pretty new moving shots

Tanner photos (which were posted here on the blog) are now on his page too!!

There will be more updates on the website soon!!

Carver's daughter WINS !!!

This is "Betty"
She is from the Sunnycreek litter of our Carver x Peach (co-bred by me but whelped in Germany). My "Shine" is her full sibling.

Cindy of Mandolyn Aussie is already burning up the ASCA puppy classes with her!!

Best of Opposite Sex Puppy (even with the tail!!)
Good job Cindy!!!

Happy Birthday Raine!!!

Raine is from the Ellie x Kane litter of last Jan. I got these photos of her on the litter's birthday (the 25th).

Love the hat (even it it was photoshop!!)

After all she is the sister to our fetch driven "CueB"....

Happy with her kids

too cute!!
She sure looks happy!!
Thanks guys for the great photos!!!

Autumn sends greetings!!

Got these photos of Autumn by email last week (yes I am still trying to catch up!)

Autumn is from the Coral x Vegas litter of a year ago. With Autumn's little white she is a very unique merle girl!!

She lives a happy life with her other buddies

She is well loved!!

Talk about a striking girl!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tailor x Tanner Pupdate

Here are the Tailor x Tanner pups at almost 4 weeks old. They are sure looking pretty!!

Red Tri Boy #2

Red Tri Boy #1

Red Merle Boy

Red Bi Boy

Black Tri Boy

Gabby x Vegas Pupdate

I was finally able to get decent photos of Gabby's pups!!

They are just a couple of days old here.

Above Blue Merle Girl #3

Blue Merle Girl #2 (the one that crawls up on Mom)

Blue Merle Girl #1

Black Tri Girl (pet only!)

And last but not least the Black Tri Boy... (he reminds me of the Rottie pups from long ago!!)
I will take more photos of them individually when their eyes open. I am sure there will be some group photos with Mom along the way before those!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Candy's pups are a Riot!

Candy and her pups are very close. They are often seen sleeping all in a pile together. They cuddle and nap... ah such cutie little darlings.......

They love being near Mom
Heads are usually close together (this is Candy on the left, Hershey top, Crow bottom of the photo on the 'bottom' and Mike draped over top of Crow).
Well most of the time the heads are close together ... That is Taffy under Clark's legs.
This is the entire pile..

Then they begin to wake ... Hershey was first this time ... 'Oh Momma you are HERE!!"

They scream and cry about getting out of their pen!! I think one is stuck so I rush over to save a puppy and they just let go (not stuck at all) and look up like "well are you gonna let us out?!??"
Ah the joys of puppyhood!!!