Friday, February 27, 2009

Main site down

The main website is currently down. (yes I know it's driving me nuts too!!).

My wonderful Webmistress Ellen, is working on why and working to get it back up and going as quick as we can!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Candy's babies

The remaining pups are really enjoying their romps outside at the farm. I can't believe all the other litter mates are gone!! This litter was just a fun fun litter to raise!!

Taffy (the girl)

Hershey (gosh I see his Mom and his grandma in him)

Mr. Personality Crow

ISIS had her BABIES!!!

Since Tanner was headed to Germany to stand stud and by the time he returned Isis would be past the age I would want to repeat the litter, I chose to repeat this litter now. The first cross is doing very nicely for people. They are an active, smart, but loving litter of dogs.
This time Isis gave us NINE big healthy babies!! We did have some size differences last time (one small guy ... that grew up to be a fine size). This time they all are about the same size and all thriving with no assistance from me.
Sadly we did get two girls that are not legally marked for the show ring. I of course will be placing these two girls on spay contracts ONLY and they will still go with a full health guarantees.

So enjoy the puppy breath there is LOTS OF IT WITH THIS LITTER!!

Mom and babies just hours after she finished (she popped them out in just 3 1/2 hours ALL nine of them!!)

Blue Merle Girl #1 (she is on hold pending her structure for show)

Blue Merle Girl #2 (she will only be to a SPAY home)

Black tri girl #1 (has full white trim)

Black tri Girl #2 (has a collar on her right side but not left)
Black Tri Girl #3 (she has white on back of neck but little on either side)

Black Tri Girl #4 (She is to a SPAY home only)

Black Tri Boy (has full white trim)

Blue Merle Boy #1

Blue Merle Boy #2

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indy needs a new home.

Indy is a female puppy from our imported Miss x Blue (still residing in Scotland). She has gone to a loving, caring home that really feels it best they no longer keep her. Their family situation has changed drastically and with no fault on the part of Indy, she just won't get as much attention as they had hoped.
Indy is used to being around their other dogs (old and near her age), and cats. The farm she is on currently also has goats and horses on it. She has been raised in the house and is a very bold, friendly and driven puppy.

She is now about 16 weeks old, been kept up to date on her vaccinations, and vet visits.

Below are some photos of Indy when she still was with me, and one of her in her new home.

Below is Indy relaxing in her new home currently.

If you might be interested in her, please drop me a line. If a home does not come along soon for her. Of course she will come home to Plum Ridge to live until another suitable home is found for her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tailor x Tanner pups 6 weeks playing

These were taken when the 'kids' were just over 6 weeks. Being busy at a dogshow and the BC pups going home... I forgot to upload them here on the blog. (Sorry)

Chewee (my rescue Chihuahua) peeks in on the pups

That's ALL folks!!

Tailor x Tanner pups barely 7 weeks old (Stacked)

This is the first time they have been stacked. Not too bad overall in the stacking game (no one totally pitched a fit). I am overall thrilled with how pretty these guys are!!!

Above: Red Tri boy #2 (he reminds me so much of Dad!!)

Red Tri Boy #1

Red Merle Boy (reminds me of big brother Ike)

Red Bi Boy (he is really one that just draws me to him!!)

Black Tri boy (he is the biggest so far)