Sunday, August 30, 2009

TIGER gets a point!!!

**File photo (win photo will be posted when it comes)**
Tiger is a puppy from my litter out of Ch. Coree and Sydney (who now lives in Germany with Myrjam). He is proudly owned by Janet & Louis Shepherd.
They entered only one day this past weekend at the Danville KC in Georgetown IL, AND walked away with the points for Winner's Dog!!
I am proud to say I bred and still co-own "Tiger" ... but he is ALL Janet's baby and I was thrilled to be there for their win.
Malone was entered in Open as well, and didn't take his loss to Tiger as well. Louis (Tiger's daddy) helped me out and held Malone while I was in the ring showing Pearl.... well Malone marked Louis's shoe when he was not looking!! (Guess you could say he was sore loser!!).
CONGRATS TIGER (and of course Janet & Louis)!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sad news.......

I got the sad message last night that Merlynn's Hal passed away. He lived a great life and was 15 years old.
I have the privilege to own part of his legacy. His daughter "Spirit" is still with me, his son "Mac" has passed but left behind a wonderful litter out of Cloud. Those pups (Hal's grandchildren) are "Rain" "Bill" and "Fog" (this litter also produced Billy's "Coal" who is running USBCHA so well out in CA).
Late last year, "Fog" gave us Hal's great grand children (the pups I still have access to are "Crow", "Hershey"and "Race- in Canada". Plus there is Billy's "Rime").

Below are some photos of him I have taken thru the years.

Hal was a driven dog with plenty of style
This was taken end of last year (14+ years old) he always loved his stuffed toys!!!

Hal with one of his great grand children

Hal and his great grand children "Crow" & "Hershey"

Hal and his great grand daughter "Taffy"

Hal showing his 'style' on sheep.

Hal driving a few years back.

Hal working sheep

Hal loved to hold sheep on one place.

This was taken years ago with his two 'kids' "Spirit & Mac"

Hal and his daughter "Spirit"

Hal's ball playing gene certainly got passed onto his daughter!!

Rest easy now Hal.... you will be missed greatly!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exciting new legs earned!!!

**File Photo**
We were pleased to get the email from Stacie informing us that "Revy" (a Ch. Coree x Nala puppy) earned two legs on her AKC CD title over the weekend of Aug. 1st & 2nd.

Not only did she get the two legs toward her title but they certainly did it in grand style, with TWO FIRST PLACES!!!
Whooo hooo!! You GO GIRLS!!!!

Cloud x Kane pups (just over 3 weeks old)

These were taken when they were over 3 weeks but they are not 4 weeks old yet.

Boy #1 (Jag)

Boy #2

Boy #3

Boy #4

Girl #1

Girl #2 (she is the smallest but certainly mighty!!)

Girl #3 (we've been calling her "Jet")

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mealtime for the Cloud kids

Clouds kids sure enjoy their mealtime. First Cloud goes outside to potty and they get their chance at the puppy mush.
Of course they dig right in and crawl into the dish.

The smallest girl, naps and eats.

I do see her occasionally standing up to eat ...

Then Cloud comes back in and they get in line for the "milk bar"


They are all getting quite good at latching on and drinking while Cloud stands.

Nice strong puppies!!!

Then of course Cloud snacks on the mush left by the pupsters!!

Jag (about to nap with a fully belly)

Girl #1

Boy #4

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Cloud pup photos

I Don't have everyone pictured individually, these were just some shots I got when Cloud went outside one morning. I will get individual shots soon now that their eyes are open!! No more 'baby puppy pool for them!"



Snoozing on the pile

Jag (Boy #1) stealing Mom's kernels

There he goes again (and yes he was the first out of the pool at two days old).