Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More points for IKE!!

Ike took two more singles this past weekend in Lima, OH!! He now only needs a 3 point major to finish!! (he has 10 points including a 4 pt major).

Ike only showed two of the four day show and TOTALLY bald he still won!! I am so proud of Stacie and all her effort she has put into her boy. That major will come ... I am sure of it!!

I had my laptop crash (hard drive is gone!!) so my files are not easily accessible (thankfully most is backed up on an external drive ... not all but most!!) so I don't have a photo of Ike to post.

However here is the link to his page on my main site:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silly Crow

This is Crow, he is from the Candy x Fog litter. Which makes him a grandkid of Cloud & Kane (and a nephew of Spirit). My what bright 'teeth' you have!!
He loves to play with the empty bleach bottles. He throws them up and catches them again!!

He doesn't care if the toy is 'dead' he will play with them anyway.

Of course in this heat ... a 'submerge' in the pool is always in order!!

Which always requires a "Shake" at the end!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meg's Babies are HERE (ok they have been here!)

Ok they arrived on June 7th. Meg was a trooper and did all the work on her own (didn't even act like she was going to do anything the day before... and then whelped them after midnight into the morning). Here they are all wet and 'new"
Here they are at almost a week old. There are two boys (on the right) and the girl is on the far left (she was the biggest when they were born).

Here is Boy #1 (he is a black and white)

This is boy #2 (he's a black tri). He is currently available.

Here is the only girl. She is a black and white, I call her my "Kane" clone!!
This is more than likely Meg's last litter for us, so it will be very exciting to see the little 'munchkins' grow and mature!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Great Night of Music & Treats!!

Well it was a warm humid evening but not bad really.
On Sundays thru the summer in Danville IL, their Municipal Band plays a concert. Most are outdoors in the park and people bring their chairs, blankets or sit on benches to listen. Of course being an outdoor event, it's a great chance for the puppies to attend and listen to the "music" (the symbols and drums are always interesting to them the first time) and socialize.

This past Sunday Isis's little blue girl made the trip to the park to enjoy the evening. She handled the sounds well (still hates the leash and I decided to relent and carry her). We relaxed and listened to the wonderful music and had a few people stop to say 'hello' and pet her.
After the concert several of the band members went to the locally owned Frozen Custard shop for cones and treats. The muchkin (her co-owner still hasn't come up with a great name yet) went along to the custard shop as well. She got the end of some one's cone and lots of attention!!
A great evening of music, frozen custard and socialization!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Raining!!!

If it's not coming out of the sky (which has been happening a lot lately!!)...... It's coming out of the pool!!!
Spirit loves the pool!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funny how things work out sometimes

This little sweetie was the first puppy in the litter to have a deposit placed on her. Now she is that LAST puppy left for sale!! With no fault of hers ... the first family decided they did not want her (really wanted a merle and a much bigger dog as an adult). So she was placed back up for sale.
Then I had another family send a deposit for her... sadly their home situation changed prior to them arriving to get her ... and they could not take her. SO she is the final puppy left for sale out of the litter!

Fan LOVES the hose!!

Fan loves water!! It has become a 'good' thing as it is a great way to 'clean' her back up after she rolls in the dust. I have her antics on video but sadly I can't get my upload computer connection to work so yesterday I decided to try to get photos while holding the hose. She bites at the stream of water....
She digs at the ground where the water lands....

She bites at the grass .....

She actually pulls the grass up if you hold the hose in one spot...

Now if I could only figure out how to get her to 'weed' the flower beds this way!! At least she can get a daily rinse this way!!!

Jake comes to visit!!

Jake is a puppy from the recent Isis x Tanner litter (he was the Blue Merle Boy #2). His family lives very nearby in Danville, IL, so when his family needed a place to leave him while they took their already planned vacation I will thrilled to have him come back to visit!! I laughed at Rachel when she told me he had been given a bath prior to coming to visit me!!
Well he was clean for a "Little while"....

Then the other dogs taught him quickly how to roll in the wet grass and then flop in the dust!!

Yeah Jake is having a great time!!

(Don't worry Rachel ... I will give him a bath before he comes back to your house!!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More great health news!!

Slick now resides in Germany. (she is still on our site as we do still co-own her at this point).
Myrjam had her tested for hereditary cataracts.
Here is what she got back!!
The result for your DNA test is:
Plumridge Caution Black Ice - This dog is CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation.
This dog does not carry any copies of the HC mutation and will neither develop the form of HC that is associated with this mutation, nor pass a copy of the HC mutation to any of its offspring.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

This boy was hard to let go!!

His name is now "Cirrus" (a weather term relating to clouds).
This boy was just one of those pups that catches your eye... then wiggles into your heart. Since I have a puppy coming from the older sister (Slick) eventually, and the blue merle girl is headed to a home on a co-own. There just was no 'reason' to keep him.
So when Susan called me about him... I said "yes" he would fit for your home. Cirrus is already attentive to the kids and seemed so content when I set him between the two of them in the backseat of their car.
He will be missed here but I know he is in good hands!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More good health news!!

This is Tess. She is a daugher to Imp. Meg (who is a daughter to Serge's now older winning dog "Glen") and Imp. Risp. I got Tess's OFA certificates in the mail today!! Pleased to say she is OFA Good (Hips) and OFA Normal (Elbows).
I see parts of her that is her mother and parts that are her father (which is just a great thing!!).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I mentioned in my last post about those dogs that love to saturate themselves in the water then roll in the dirt.

Oh YEAH Fan loves to do that!!!
This is one of the 'many' reasons why I adore smooth Border Collies. Their coats just dry and the dirt flakes right off!
She is also one that is easy to 'wash' so to speak.... she attacks the hose when you begin to spray!! (I wish I could upload videos ... I have a great video of her attacking the hose and taking her own bath).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Keeping Visitors Clean

Bill is a boy I still own (he is from the Mac x Imp. Cloud litter), but he does not live with me. He gets to reside with his 'grandfather' as a buddy. He only comes back when the person he lives with goes out of town.

Every time that happens, I do my best to keep him clean so no bath is required before he heads back home.

So far we are doing pretty well.....

Well then the hot day and lure of puppies playing in the kiddie pools is just too much for him!!

At least he is not one to lay in pool, get totally saturated wet, then roll in the dirt!!! (yeah I have a number that love to do that!!)