Sunday, May 31, 2009

Having a Ball

Size doesn't seem to matter to her!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mishka Update

I know I have not mentioned Mishka in awhile. We have had our ups and downs, but overall she is doing very very well (considering all her issues at this point).
The most recent blood panel that was done at the vet, showed her liver values are still out of normal but far better than the original values (this is thanks to her liver medications). But sadly the recent blood panel does show she is anemic. Research did find a medication that might boost her red blood cells, but it is very expensive and not proven to work in this situation.
Mishka's blood glucose levels do seem to still vary greatly (some mornings she is very low and other mornings she is very high.. nothing seems to predict why). But she is such a good patient and allows her blood to be drawn for testing easily.
When her blood glucose is very low, the important thing is to get glucose into her quickly so she can have a raise in glucose level soon and not have it continue to go 'lower'. We have found Mishka's favorite way to do this is "maple syrup". I have a syringe where I suck up pancake syrup into it and all I have to do it hold it out and Mishka begins to lick it right out of the end of the syringe!! (I wish my video camera would allow an upload as I would video it to show how silly she gets about getting her syrup).
So Mishka spends her day, relaxing and napping often (the couch has become a favorite spot for naps). But she still finds great pleasure in going for rides out and about. Just this week we took her to TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) she ambled up to all the customers she could find for a pet and a scratch behind the ear!! Everyone thought she was 'so regal' and such a polite lady.
Life is still good for Mishka!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hershey found a mud puddle yesterday. Needless to say, he thinks less white is a good thing!!

Well he did have a white leg at one time!! (Boy I sure do love the smooths they dry and dirt flakes off right away!!).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Water fun!!

Hershey is trying to make 'art' with his tail!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playtime for the Isis Babies!!!

(yeah there is a BC puppy in there playing too!!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

More photos of the Isis Babies!!

These photos of the "pups" were taken early this week. They are still looking very nice!!

Black Tri Girl #2 (she is still looking for a home)

Blue Merle Girl (she is headed to Michigan sometime SOON!!)

Black Tri Girl #1 (She has a deposit pending)

Blue Merle Boy #1 (I would love to keep him BUT.... he really looking for a new home)

Indy made it back to Indiana!!

Indy is a Imp. Miss x ISDS Blue puppy. She is one that was sold to GA early on and due to a family crisis they were unable to keep her. So with no fault to Indy she has made her way back to Indiana (with a stop at an AKC dog show in Perry, GA a night in Shelbyville, KY and the few days at the Bluegrass in Lexington KY!- thanks to all that helped her on her way home!!!)

This is my favorite shot of her so far!! (It's my background photo on the computer right now!)

She is an intense but loving dog.

I was never able to capture the 'full open stride" in the photos!! Got lots of the collected off the ground stride frames!!

She is a sweet girl, going thru a bit of 'manners' training, then it will be on to stock training. She is for sale to a loving home, and the preference would be a working home.

New Malone photos on the website

The new photos of Malone are now uploaded and on his page of the website.

There are new photos on the "Moving" and the "At Home" page. These were taken end of April when we got the new photos of Audrey.

Catching up!!

Yes I KNOW (I know .. you all have reminded me!!) I need to update so many things!! But gosh with the warmer weather it seems so hard to be 'in' around a computer vs. out with the dogs!!

I will try to update all that comings and goings here soon....

P.S. The Bluegrass was GREAT!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Headed out to get drenched!!

It is storming here but nothing that would make me stay home from the exciting Bluegrass.

I am headed on my drive to see the early stages of trial and pick up cute little Miss puppy "Indy" (she hitched a ride home from GA over the weekend) as well.

I hope the rain will clear so I can take lots of photos and enjoy the day a bit ... but even if I can't it will be an exciting day. Two pups that came from my "Gem" (Imp. Meg x Imp. Risp) will be running Pro Novice today and then a Imp. Risp son will be running tomorrow in Pro Novice as well.

It is going to be an exciting trial!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

More photos of Isis babies!!

I took these of 'the crew' yesterday.
Black Tri Girl #1

Blue Merle Girl #1 (not for sale)

Black Tri Girl #2

Blue Merle Boy #1

Black Tri Boy