Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mishka Update!!

I admit it!! I am a 'bad blogger'. Things are busy and so I have just not taken the time to upload photos like I should. I have gotten several messages asking how "Mishka" is ... so I thought I would take a bit of time this morning to post some recent photos of her.

She is perky and happy!!! Still doing all the extra time and work to blood test her muptiple times a day and giving insulin in various amounts (as appropriate by her test results). She is quite spoiled and wakes us up in the middle of the night to potty. But overall she is perky, happy and doing great (considering her age and diabeties).

These photos were taken of her recently when I took her along to the park with the Cloud puppies for a social outing.

Still moving great!!

Bright and HAPPY!!
Yeah we love ya old girl!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bunny stopped for a visit!!

Lately I have been working a number of weekends, which makes it hard to do as many clinics, and trials as I would like. This past Sunday (Nov. 1st) I was pleasantly rewarded at work by getting a visit from Bunny and her family.
Bunny is from the Ch. Player x Nala litter.

The "Special Treat" about this visit, is that I have not gotten to see Bunny (except in photos) since I delivered her to her new home when she was a wee little pupster!!
These photos of Bunny where taken on Nov. 1st. She turned SIX years old two days later! SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNNY!! (and brothers Hef, Vegas and Colt).
As you can see Bunny, loves her life and is adored by her owners!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All dressed up!!

At the last minute I was able to get "Evan" (you will formally meet him later ... he is a ## Mirk son) dressed for Halloween. He has such a silly personality that the costume was quite appropriate .... He's a CLOWN!!
Now Evan in his clown like antics, would not stay perched cute on the straw bales at work ... so yep I tied him to the bale!!

Here is Evan doing his "Sulking Clown" impression .... pretty good!!

Great Halloween fun playdate!

The remaining girl in Cloud's litter got to have a 'playdate' on Halloween! Lauren (the one on the left) and her cousin took "Sunny" (they named her for me) for the day. Lauren and her family own "Jake", he is a Isis x Tanner puppy who is now about 7 mos. old. Jake had a blast running Sunny around for the day and Sunny just had a blast sucking up to everyone!! The girls stopped by the store for a photo opt.
The girls were well decked out in their costumes, and that included "Sunny" in a bee costume!!

Poor Sunny was just exhausted after a long day of fun, she could barely keep her eyes open while sitting at the store.