Friday, March 27, 2009

Funny ears and LONG legs!!

Hershey's ears are the most 'up' of all the litter it seems (but the one likes to flop often!)

Yeah these guys like my Mt. Dew cans and seem to find them often.

He is an athletic guy!

His legs are sure growing fast!!

Crow's ears seem to go up and down in seconds!!

Long legs and a long thin tail!!
His ears are pretty silly!!!

Tanner's "Clone"

Here is Tanner's "Clone"!! Which is why I plan to name him "PlumRidge Cloned in Bronze" I plan to call him "Owen" as a call name.
Every time I watch this boy, I think back to when his daddy was a puppy!! (It's like a walk down memory lane!)

In some ways I am pleased he does not have so much white, as he LOVES to be wet and muddy (less white to keep 'white').

Can you say "Mud Pupppy"?

Flying Owen!!

He too found a felted piece of wool in the yard and thought it was great fun!!

He carried that wool chunk around for quite awhile!!

He has quite the 'zest for life'

Tailor's Red Bi Boy

Here is the dark Red Bi boy from Tailor's litter by Tanner. I think since Tailor is the reason he has no tan points (she does not either) and he still reminds me a great deal of his daddy Tanner in structure, his name will be "PlumRidge Tailor Made in Bronze" (no I don't have a great call name yet ... but welcome suggestions)
He is going to have a pretty head!!
He found a old piece of felted wool in the yard (and yep he found the one that is his color!!)

The pups are picking up my addiction for Mt. Dew as well. (I just like them full and they love them empty!!) If I could only teach them to put them in the recycle bin!

My what a big mouth you have!!

He self stacks himself when he stops naturally (gosh I love to see that!!)

Froggie doggie!!

Indy is a pretty girl!!

Here is INDY!! She is turning into a VERY pretty girl!! (photos are of her at 4 mos old).
She is currently residing in Georgia, but is looking for a new home (preferably a working one) as her current family has some unexpected life changes. Please let me know if you know of anyone that might be interested in her!!

Mother Daughter

Again the apple does not fall far from tree!! Personality does comes thru in genetics too!!

Here is Crystal being silly with an old dog toy in the yard.

Here is her "daughter" (by Malone) later that same day playing with that very same toy!!

(Oh yeah and they look alot alike too!!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

The apples don't fall far from the tree!!

Talk about a family 'resemblence'!! Here is Tanner as a baby
Here is his son (from Tailor's recent litter) at about the same age!!

Isis BABIES are three weeks!!

They are a bit over three weeks old but not 4 weeks yet. I am thrilled with the little guys so far!! Personality to burn and nice structures appearing in them already too!

Blue Girl #1 (on hold)

Blue Merle Girl #2 (pet only) Reserved "Pepper"

Black Tri Girl #1

Black Tri Girl #2 (she reminds me of her big sister Slick)

Black Tri Girl #3 (Pet home only) Reserved

Black Tri Girl #4

Blue Merle Boy #1 (on hold)

Blue Merle Boy #2

Black Tri Boy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a great sunny day!!

Tailor's red bi boy - who sadly doesn't have a name yet :-( was sure enjoying the romp in the yard in the sun.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad Blogger "Wendy"

I am sorry to all of you that have been clicking on the blog looking for updates and new photos. Sadly the kids went without me for a while in the last week while I took a business vacation (my real job) out of the country.

The trip was a good one (both business and vacation wise!!) and I am pleased that the dogs all made it thru my absence and of course were happy to see me when I arrived home.

I could not believe how HUGE the Isis pups had gotten in such a short time!! ( I KNOW you guys would like to see that for yourselves... YES I will work on photos this weekend I promise!!).

Tailor's pups are still stunning and even going into the puppy 'ugly' stage they are pretty boys. A few extras are still here as I was unable to get them to their new homes prior to my trip. Hopefully they will get to their new homes soon.

Candy's remaining babies are silly and growing leaps and bounds!! Hershey's ears are doing all the funky silly BC things... one is up and one is down right now. Crow has hit the leggy stage and his long plush puppy fuzz is going away as well. Taffy is also getting legs much like her brothers and her ears are going every which way too.

Gabby's pups are pretty and full of personality!!!

Life is still busy, but good here at Plum Ridge!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tailor's pups love to play with Candy's kids!!!

Isis Babies!!

Here are some photos taken end of last week of the babies! Their eyes are peeping open and they are crawling out of the box on a regular basis!!