Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tiger doing Rally!!

Tiger is one of the Sydney x Ch. Coree puppies!! He is owned by a great lady that works hard with him in so many venues (she shows him conformation, does rally and even has taken him tracking!!).

His debut in the Rally Obedience ring was this past Feb. at the Indy Winter Classic dog shows. Please excuse the poor quality video (it was done on my iPhone).

He got great scores and was so happy to work for his Mom!!

Here is Saturday's video:

Here is Sunday's video:

I am so proud of you guys!!!

Gayle is looking for a home

Gayle is back here with us and looking for a wonderful companion home!!

Here is a link to her original website page:

She is housebroken, polite, good on and off a leash. She has already been spayed (would do well in altered ASCA for anyone interested in showing) and ready to go to a new home!!
Interested parties are welcome to inquire.

Finally some photos of the new guy!!

Well I was able to get photos of one of the 'new' additions!!

His call name in Germany was "Grizzly" ... but I have decided to register him as PlumRidge Sunnycreek Guitar Hero so I think a call name change will be in order (put your thinking caps on guys .... send me suggestions!!).

The father to this pretty boy is "Gibson" he is a boy living in Germany but bred here in the US.

His mother is "Slick" who is from my breeding of "Isis x Tanner". So this pup is actually a grandson of "Tanner" who resided over in Germany for a while standing stud. (Slick is also pictured on the blog to the right)

I adore his head!!!

He is quite the 'mover' so far as well. I pretty much see him 'trot' everywhere!! (and he can keep up with the other pups who are running!!)

His foot timing is very good!!

He also loves to go for rides!! If you leave the side door of the van open ... he crawls right in!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Sorry no I don't have photos!! (I even did take my camera to the airport!). But poor Mryjam and her friend were pretty worn down after the fiasco getting to Indiana.

The original plan was that the dogs would arrive late (11:30pm) on Wed. night .... YEAH that didn't happen!! They spent the night in the airport in Atlanta instead.

So after 500 miles of driving (I had to go back home once to handle Mishka and her diabetes) and a few texts changing the times and plans...

Tanner and his daughter and grandson are HERE!!

With all the rain and winds... I have not had a chance to get photos. They will be coming soon I promise!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Headed Home

Just over a year ago Carver came home from Germany. Along with him Myrjam brought two of his daughters. Betty was a pretty black tri who later went on to FL to live, and Shine stayed with me. Although Carver had sired many wonderful pups overseas I had not used him for stud here in the US prior to his trip to Germany. So Shine was my first offspring of this great boy "Carver". Needless to say we were quite excited to have little "Shine" here with us!
This was Mryjam with Carver and his two daughters!! (Talk about CUTE!!)

Well here is Shine and her 'old man' now....

Sadly (and not so sadly) Shine will soon part company with her father and head home to Germany. Shine's paperwork to get into the AKC turned into a nightmare that was not looking good. Shine's brother is doing fabulous in Europe showing ... and with that big FLUFFY tail of hers Shine will fight an uphill battle here in the showring. So we felt it was best for her to head home to her 'native' land of Germany!
I am going to miss the little "light" ... but in the end I know it is the best for both kennels. I had tears in my eyes as I gave her a bath to ready her for her trip!!

Pups coming from GERMANY!!

These wonderful pups are headed our way all the way from Germany!!
This little blue merle girl is a daughter of Tanner and actually a half sibling to our "Tiger" and "Lil". (We shipped her mother "Sydney" to Germany a few years ago).

This adoreable face is landing tonight!! He is a son of "Slick" who left to go to Germany last year!!
We are very excited to get to meet our new additions!!!

Tanner is headed home from GERMANY!!

Tanner will be arriving home from Germany TONIGHT!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Wins

I had a very tough week this past week. For that reason I chose to stay home from the local ASCA show. (it was hard to stay home but I did).
** File Photo**
Meanwhile, the PlumRidge Pooches (or those related to our guys) were out there doing great things!!!

At the UKC show in Michigan on Friday March 12th, "Ike" (Tailor x Tanner pup) took 1st in the Champions class at the first show and BEST OF BREED in the second show!

Good job STACIE AND IKE!!!

Above is a beautiful Carver son. This pup is from the Sunnycreek Aussies breeding of "Carver to Peach". He resides in Germany. He took a Reserve Winner's Dog over a large entry at an ASCA show in Germany!!

GOOD JOB to all!!!
I am very grateful to all the great news over the weekend!! It sure helped my spirits!! THANKS GUYS!!!

Did I mention??


Monday, March 8, 2010

Sophie starts her new adventure!!

Sophie (Erika x Carver) has headed to a wonderful home on an Alpaca Farm in Westfield.

They came to the Pet Supply store to pick her up and of course the "toy selection" was awesome ... I am sure that Sophie will be all set for quite awhile.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Buddies!!

This is Lauren and "Jake" (he is from the Isis x Tanner litter). They are truly best buddies!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The passing of a great lady

The lady in this photo is Ida "Ree" Beckmann. (pictured here with four generations of dogs - many of which I own relatives of) She was the mother to my good friend Becky. I first met and spent time with her when I flew up to MN to pick up Kane and Ben. Her love for the dogs was so evident.

She passed away on March 2nd at the age of 81. She will be missed by so many!!

Here Ree with "Queen" (littermate sister to my boy "Mic")

Here she is with "Dixi" who is a pup I bred (Imp. Cloud x Mac) and now lives with Becky in MN. Ree just loved taking care of the pups. She loved on them all the time!!