Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ok the photo is from last year ... but I am still VERY grateful that old lady Mishka is still with us!!

Finally SNOW!!

The Christmas weekend we finally got SNOW!! So finally SOMETHING to cover up the mud!!Blaze (I love the drool coming off his tongue!)

Carver (the snow covers up his grey LOL)

Imp. Cloud


Crow (Candy x Fog)

Evan (my new ##Mirk Son)

Fog (Cloud x Mac)

Gem (Imp. Meg x Imp. Risp)

Jag (Imp. Cloud x Kane)




Sis (Imp. Meg x Kane)

Playing Catch up

I again have earned the 'bad blogger' award!! I have been so busy, and of working retail has not helped me have more time. This weird wacky winter weather has not made for great times either. Instead of pretty white fluffy snow, we have had nothing but rain and mud. So this has pretty much been the dogs for Christmas!! I actually 'almost' got the van stuck in the MUD in the driveway on Christmas on my way to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner!!Tiff (Gabby x Vegas pup)

Spirit (Miley x Hal)
Sin (Coral x Vegas)
Pearl (Treasure x Coree)
Imp. Mulan
Imp. Meg
Glory (a Missie Daughter)
Erika (Nala x Eddee)
CueB (Imp. Ellie x Kane)

Even old guy Player could stay out of the mud!! He turned 10 years old in Oct. (but don't tell him that ... he still thinks he is a kid).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was able to pull a few old videos off my camcorder using someone else's computer.

Here is the Cloud babies at four weeks old!!

Yes they are much older now ... but it has been fun for me to walk down memory lane.

Family Connections

I have been wanting to take these photos for a long time (well since the birth of Miss's litter thus creating the four generations under one roof).Mishka is my beloved 'old lady' and so I felt it was only fitting that I get photos of them all together.
The group (from RIGHT to LEFT)
Mishka (the grand 'old lady')
Miss (Mishka's daughter)
Fan (Miss's daughter thus Mishka's granddaughter)
Mulan (Miss's granddaughter thus Mishka's great grand daughter)
I needed to get these photos when I did (last week) as Fan (Mishka's grand puppy) was headed to her new home as a working goat dog.

The photos didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped... I knew Miss would be busy looking behind the fence for squirrels, and of course the 'old lady' only has so much tolerance for cold (it was in the teens) and for the youngsters....

Needless to say this was the 'out take' that ended my attempt for the 'perfect photo'
... Grandma said she had taken 'enough' from the young whipper snappers poking at her!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I got this great brag from Stacie on "Revy" (CH. Coree x Nala daughter) over the weekend.
Revy received her third leg on Saturday, Nov. 5 in East Lansing, MI. in Novice Obedience, and did so by taking first place. She now has her CD. She also had a qualifying score in Rally Excellent, for her second leg. She was also award high scoring aussie, and high scoring dog with a herding title!!
On Sunday, Revy once again took first place in Nocive obedience, but also took first place in Rally Excellent, which gave Revy her third leg,and new title of Rally Excellent! ( I didn't stay until the end of the trial to see if we were high scoring aussie again or high scoring herding tilted dog.)
Her name with titles is
Plum Ridge All Reved Up RE PT CD NAJ

(*** File photos****)

I am SO PROUD of you guys!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy BIRTHDAY to the Candy x Fog Babies!!

Candy is sending out Birthday Wishes to all her pups!!
HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!Her son Hershey sure looks like his MOMMA!!
Daddy Foggie sends his best wishes too!!

Son Crow sure looks like his DADDY!!

The entire family here at Plum Ridge send BIRTHDAY wishes out to the rest of the litter as well!! (Race, Rime, Taffy, Warrick & Gecko)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Cloud

Talk about being silly!! Cloud is certainly a 'kid at heart'!! Even as though she is a grandma (actually great grandma I believe).... give this silly face a stuff toy and you will find stuffing EVERYWHERE!!!

Wet Weather

We have been getting a great deal of rain here. I will admit, I am sick of the wet, icky, muddy weather. HOWEVER I am not ready for full blown winter (snow included) so I will take rain over snow at this point.
The dogs love the mud, they have no problem playing in the downpours they don't care!
So I figured since I can't get any 'cute' sunny pretty dog photos, I would roll with the rain clouds and show you all the wet mud kids!!
CueB (Imp. Ellie x Kane)
Fan (Imp. Miss x Blue)
Erika (Nala x Ch. Eddee)Glory (Missie x Panda)Imp. Meg
Imp. MulanPearl (Treasure x Ch. Coree)Sin (Coral x Vegas)
Spirit (Miley x Hal)
Sunny (Imp. Cloud x Kane)Jag (Imp. Cloud x Kane) - He wants to work rain or shine!!

Even old guy Player (he turned 10 this year) had to get into the 'act'. It had quit raining when he came out to play ... but that didn't stop him from dunking his nose in a mud puddle!!