Monday, March 28, 2011


I am VERY excited to annouce the repeat breeding of Gem to Tag!!!! I bred Gem myself. She is the daughter of two of my personal favorite dogs. She is out of Imp. Risp (who passed away last summer) and Imp. Meg. That makes her a grand daughter to Serge van der Sweep's big winning World Trials placing dog "Glen" Tag is owned by Chris Chambers. He is from Vergil Holland's breeding (the second crosses of Hemp x Lass). Tag himself is an USBCHA Open Trial winner, and he qualified and ran in the USBCHA Finals. The two daughters from the first breeding are:

Mollie herself is an USBCHA Open Trials winner (she usually beat her own father to do it), She won over a dozen USBCHA Nursery Classes, (obviously qualifying for the USBCHA Nursery Finals). She qualified and ran at the USBCHA Finals in both Open and Nursery. As a two year old she was one of the qualifiers for the Double Lift Finals at the prestigious Bluegrass Sheepdog Trials too. Mollie is a loving and sweet house dog for her owner Chris Chambers as well.


Ruby is the 'other' sister. She is owned by myself but is trained and lives with Chris Chambers. She showed a VERY keen interest in stock at an early age and has never stopped since (literally!). Ruby is currently running Open Ranch with Chris (only two dogs can run Open and sister Mollie and father Tag have those two slots).

The first litter was only three pups (the third pup is in a loving family with Chris's parents). So the reservation list for this litter will be limited to working and trial homes only. Feel free to drop me a message or call and I will be happy to discuss the litter with you!!

Pups will be due very late May early June. (perfect timing for USBCHA nursery puppies!!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Kane

Nap is a Kane son from the Imported Cloud breeding. I named him because I always bet he was going to be the 'sleeper' of the group that would just surprise the heck out of all of us.

Nap is so much like his father ... I have accidentally put him away in his father's kennel more times than one. I have almost placed him a few times ... and something happens (never his fault) and he does not leave. I guess I do believe that saying "All things happen for a reason".