Friday, July 22, 2011

Please check out the Facebook page for photos

It was WAY WAY to hot to have the pups outside for any length of time today. So I put them in the kitchen of the new house to play and wear themselves out.

Not the greatest photos of them ... but they are all posted on the Plum Ridge Training Centre Facebook page. (There is a link on the badge to the right).

Please check them out!!

I do still have pups for sale out of both litters, so please feel free to inquire.

Hope everyone is staying COOL!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dora Babies playing in a new room

I was able to get a video of the three pups playing in one of the rooms of the new house. They have never been in this room before and there was no AC on (new house central air not hooked up yet).

Click on blog title to go to YouTube and see video...

These little munchkins are three weeks old and quite BUSY!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gem x Tag babies on Facebook

Ok I will apologize for being really "Bad" about getting photos and updates posted to the blog. Life is VERY busy (outside of the dogs too... house building going well but slower than I want). So trying to keep all areas updated has been hard.

To the right is the 'badge' for my PlumRidge Training Centre "Facebook" page. That is where the Gem x Tag puppy photos are currently posted (much easier to upload bulk groups of photos).

Please visit there to see the new babies.

These two litters sired by Tag are a joint effort between myself and Tag's owner Chris Chambers, there are going to be pups not already spoken for, so feel free to contact either of us to discuss the pups in the litters!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Back in March when I delivered "Gem" down to Chris's to repeat the litter that created Mollie and Ruby. Dora (Imp. Ellie x WTCH Kane) was in heat as well. Knowing that Gem had only a small litter that last time, I felt it would not be hard to have the two litters at the same time, SO Dora went along too!!

Tag is the sire (you can scroll to other posts about how well he has done USBCHA Open).

Dora was bred here at Plum Ridge, she is out of one of my blue import girl "Ellie" and Kane (my best buddy and an awesome worker).

We expected a larger litter, but are grateful for what we have. The litter was born at Chris's home but is now here at PlumRidge.

There is only one boy, and surprisingly enough he is BLUE!!

There are two black and white girls.

Chris and I are both excited to see these pups mature. One pup is already spoken for (it's headed to live with Chris and daddy "Tag").

Inquires are welcome!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


In honor of our "Mothers" for Mother's Day, many of my Facebook friends were putting photos of themselves with their Mothers. I did the same and put up a more recent photo of my Mother and I at a business convention not so many years ago.
Since I have been very bad about updating the blog, I thought I would dig out this old photo of my Mother (standing behind me) along with myself handling her dog "Jay Jay".

My Mother has always been a Schnauzer lover. (I grew up in a house and farm full of Mini Schnauzers). However when I began handling professionally, she decided to get involved, by purchasing herself a Standard Schnauzer for herself (that I could handle for her).

This photo was taken when Jay was just barely 6 mos old. It was his VERY first show ever, and it was the National Specialty. To put it mildly the boy CLEANED UP!!

I still remember after all the other handlers congratulated me, and my mom was holding her pile of 'loot" she has won as prizes (Nationals always do give neat stuff away). She commented to me " Do you think we can get a photo of this?"

Yeah Mom we ARE getting a photo of this!!

Jay Jay went on to be a VERY successful showdog, and even was campaigned to be the #1 black Std. Schnauzer the year he was campagined. But the thing he did that by far was MORE successful, was he was my Mother's best buddy. He rode EVERYWHERE with her, he went to her retail shop, he slept on her bed, he was her 'service' dog. He was just IT ALL!!

Jay Jay has sadly passed some years ago, and he is still missed and talked about often!!

So this post is a HAPPY belated MOTHER'S Day to ALL!!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I am VERY excited to annouce the repeat breeding of Gem to Tag!!!! I bred Gem myself. She is the daughter of two of my personal favorite dogs. She is out of Imp. Risp (who passed away last summer) and Imp. Meg. That makes her a grand daughter to Serge van der Sweep's big winning World Trials placing dog "Glen" Tag is owned by Chris Chambers. He is from Vergil Holland's breeding (the second crosses of Hemp x Lass). Tag himself is an USBCHA Open Trial winner, and he qualified and ran in the USBCHA Finals. The two daughters from the first breeding are:

Mollie herself is an USBCHA Open Trials winner (she usually beat her own father to do it), She won over a dozen USBCHA Nursery Classes, (obviously qualifying for the USBCHA Nursery Finals). She qualified and ran at the USBCHA Finals in both Open and Nursery. As a two year old she was one of the qualifiers for the Double Lift Finals at the prestigious Bluegrass Sheepdog Trials too. Mollie is a loving and sweet house dog for her owner Chris Chambers as well.


Ruby is the 'other' sister. She is owned by myself but is trained and lives with Chris Chambers. She showed a VERY keen interest in stock at an early age and has never stopped since (literally!). Ruby is currently running Open Ranch with Chris (only two dogs can run Open and sister Mollie and father Tag have those two slots).

The first litter was only three pups (the third pup is in a loving family with Chris's parents). So the reservation list for this litter will be limited to working and trial homes only. Feel free to drop me a message or call and I will be happy to discuss the litter with you!!

Pups will be due very late May early June. (perfect timing for USBCHA nursery puppies!!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Kane

Nap is a Kane son from the Imported Cloud breeding. I named him because I always bet he was going to be the 'sleeper' of the group that would just surprise the heck out of all of us.

Nap is so much like his father ... I have accidentally put him away in his father's kennel more times than one. I have almost placed him a few times ... and something happens (never his fault) and he does not leave. I guess I do believe that saying "All things happen for a reason".

Monday, February 28, 2011

I love my puppy owners!!

More GREAT news from Stacie (and Revy) in Michigan.

(Revy is out of the Nala x Ch. Coree litter.)

Since I am not as good at all the agility letters... I asked Stacie to type me up what all she and Revy did this weekend. This is what I got:

PlumRidge All Reved Up RE CD PT NA NAJ
Earned 1st place (a PERFECT score) in Open Standard Agility, and 3rd place (perfect score beat by time) in Open Jumpers with weaves on Saturday. Sunday once again Revy earned FIRST PLACE (perfect score AGAIN!) in Open Standard Agility, (unfortunately we NQ'd in JWW's).
I am so proud of you two!! You are AWESOME!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We've got MUD!!


But it's OK, this year I don't mind as much as I have in years past.
For those that read Facebook, you know, for those that don't... I am trying to build new home at the farm. I didn't get the foundation put in prior to the cold weather so now, I am waiting for warm and dry weather! Mud is better than snow because it means the snow melted and we are one step closer to my new foundation!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been a bad blogger!! (yeah I know I am sorry!!)

Last weekend was the four day dog show series in Indianapolis (Indy Winter Classic). Plum Ridge puppy owners worked VERY hard training prior to the show and came out with NEW TITLES!!!

***File Photo***
"Tiger" is now:
PlumRidge Wenu Tigerwood Win RN (AKC Pointed)
Tiger is a Sydney x Ch. Coree puppy owned by Janet Shepherd. To brag even MORE, he finished his title on Saturday, so she moved him up to Rally Advanced on Sunday and he got a LEG toward his Advanced title the next day!

***File Photo*** (yes Jill we NEED new photos of your boy!!)

Little Baby "Blu" finished his Companion Dog Obedience title this weekend with scores all three days in the 190's (he was in the placements too!!)!!

So Blu is now:

Plum Ridge's Once N' A Blu Moon CD

Blu is a Coral x Vegas puppy owned by Jill and Homer Rodgers.

(and thanks Homer for helping me with my vehicle problems on Friday... you were a life saver!!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Outfits

When it comes to trials and shows ... I love to think in the purple mode and be dressed in the kennel's 'signature' color. It's usually not hard since I shop buy the clearance purple, or sew outfits when I can.

Since we are just digging out from another winter storm here in Indiana, I thought you all would like to know that the color is out the window!! WARMTH AND LAYERS ARE THE NAME OF THE GAME!!

For the past few cold months I honestly could care less if it matches, or if the colors clash... not anywhere on my mind!! WARMTH WARMTH yeah that's what I want!!

To go out and run the dogs my attire is:

On the bottom:
Three to four pairs of socks (at least one wool, one thinsulate, and then my regular cotton ones)
FOUR (yep you read that right FOUR) pairs of thermal underware on the bottom
Thinsulate lined jeans (no not flannel, not fleece, QUILTED Thinsulate lined)
Sorel Winter snow boots (these do get changed out for waterproof hunting boots when the snow is not so deep)

On the top:

Two Thermal tops,
Two thick cotton long sleeve shirts
One Hooded sweatshirt (thanks XP Ranch I am so glad I bought these at your clinics!!)
My hooded Carhart Jacket. (I have two of these one is rated the lowest of cold temps... so I watch the weather before I go out to know which one to grab).

I have multiple pairs of fleece gloves (extras in the pockets at all times) so when one pair gets wet, a new goes on. (breaking ice in buckets, filling buckets, and throwing slimy balls gets those gloves wet fast).

I also have a comfy fleece collar I slide around my neck after I pull up my hooded sweathshirt. Keeps the neck all toasty warm and I can pull it up over my mouth and nose if the wind really picks up.

Now I wish I could say there is a photo of me all dressed up like a marshmellow.. but sadly "NO" there is no photo. The dogs thankfully have not mastered the camera yet (the blackmail photos I am sure they would have LOL) and no one else seems to want to brave the wind and run them with me!!

So I will leave you with the dogs enjoying their 'purple' jollyball in the snow. (Yeah it was taken in a previous snowstorm .. the camera is not liking this wind, ice, snow and cold so no great photos were take in this last snowstorm).

Stay warm and everyone PRAY for SPRING!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

More exciting news from MI!!

***File photo***

This past weekend I got wonderful messages from Stacie and Revy (Nala x Coree daughter).
They were at an agility trial for the weekend. The hard working girls walked away with placements (firsts even!!) and Revy has a new title (WHOOOO HOOOO).

She now is:

PlumRidge All Reved Up CD RE PT NA NAJ
I am so proud of both of you!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


A little comment line got going on Facebook today about the genetics of some of the little things our dogs do. Kane's kids and grandkids were the topic. I then went and looked at a few photos and of course ran across a photo of Terry Parrish's Rhys (Kane's grandfather on his sire's side and his greatgrandfather on his dam's side - he is double bred on him).
Yep! Kane reminds me of Rhys. That is something I am very proud to own!!
Kane is my boy ... I adore him greatly, he has taught me a great deal on the trial field, and just about life overall.