Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Signs of Fall (already??)

Well I knew it was coming, but I just didn't think it was coming SO FAST!! Fall, Yep it's here. I came home from errands on Monday to find the fields corn around the house GONE!! All harvested, the fields empty.... which is a good thing (more room for the dogs to run) and bad (the dust from the road floats up closer to the house. Here you can even see one of the trees along the edge of the field is already changing colors!
I mentioned the 'good' ... yep the dogs love the space again (more room to throw a ball!).

And of course Imp. Meg has brought one along in our walk thru the field!! (who would have thought she might forget!!)

(oh don't worry Mom.... I'm right behind you .... and YEAH I got the ball!!)

Candy is sure to keep up but not overly excited about the corn stalks left behind.

Candy's son "Crow" just makes a very pretty picture standing in the empty rows of corn.

Brother Hershey (you sure can see Candy in him!!) enjoys the romp.

Nel loves the space and covers the open ground no problem.

Gee Nel, Why is your tongue so LONG?? (could it be from running like a maniac?? nah that's not it!!)

Zeke plays hide and seek....

Rigel enjoys the obstacles of corn harvested rows....

Even old Carver seems happy to be out romping in the space.

Gayle came along too... (she is often lazy and stays napping on the step).

Even the OLD MAN Eddee played keep away with one of the pups. At well over 10 he is showing his grey... but still loves a good game of ball!!

Life of the farm... sigh.... Life is good :-)

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