Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinner Perks!!

I have had a few people ask me if I ever feed "raw" to the dogs. YEP WE DO!!

Normally I buy chicken parts once (or more) a week, to supplement their premium dry food. All my puppies are also introduced to raw before they go to their new homes as well. This is easy to get for me year round but the cost does add up. However, one of the great "perks" of living in the Midwest in the fall is DEER HUNTING SEASON!!

This year I have been happy to get fresh venison for the dog!! It's bow hunting season and we have yet to open the shotgun season ... so there should be plenty more to come!! Lots of deer and VERY inexpensive!!

Please excuse the photos ... I had loaned my good camera out when I got my first deer hindquarters so had to use an old one.
First night I got the parts home, Shine (Carver's daughter) was just thrilled to get a good nibble!!
Malone was more than willing to carry it away if I would have let him.
He was able to remove the fur and skin no problem.

Then Malone got smart, he held the leg down with his paw and just gnawed away.

Candy was more than happy to chew away at it too.


Not much left when the dogs were done!!
Another 'perk' to living in the country!!

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