Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exciting news from the Bluegrass!!

The only thing left is the double lift finals tomorrow.

Things didn't go as I had planned (pups too much to leave behind) so I was unable to travel down to KY and watch the trial.


Dogs related to mine did very well!!

Chris Chambers is running two bitches that are out of Gem (Imp. Risp x Imp. Meg) and his male Tag. "Molly" is running Open (at the young age of two years old) and she MADE THE DOUBLE LIFT FINALS!!!

Ruby is the other sister .... she has been maturing slower but is running very well in Open Ranch. Chris retired her on a few of her runs to make sure she ended on a good note but she did some very nice things in all her runs!!

Alison Dodd ran Trip in Pro Novice and did very well too. Trip is a Imp. Risp son.

I wish I was able to attend the trial .... oh well, I am still crossing my fingers for Molly from home!!

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Ewe Turn said...

Molly was wonderful!
See you there next year!
(with Astra Peat)