Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad Blogger "Wendy"

I am sorry to all of you that have been clicking on the blog looking for updates and new photos. Sadly the kids went without me for a while in the last week while I took a business vacation (my real job) out of the country.

The trip was a good one (both business and vacation wise!!) and I am pleased that the dogs all made it thru my absence and of course were happy to see me when I arrived home.

I could not believe how HUGE the Isis pups had gotten in such a short time!! ( I KNOW you guys would like to see that for yourselves... YES I will work on photos this weekend I promise!!).

Tailor's pups are still stunning and even going into the puppy 'ugly' stage they are pretty boys. A few extras are still here as I was unable to get them to their new homes prior to my trip. Hopefully they will get to their new homes soon.

Candy's remaining babies are silly and growing leaps and bounds!! Hershey's ears are doing all the funky silly BC things... one is up and one is down right now. Crow has hit the leggy stage and his long plush puppy fuzz is going away as well. Taffy is also getting legs much like her brothers and her ears are going every which way too.

Gabby's pups are pretty and full of personality!!!

Life is still busy, but good here at Plum Ridge!!

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