Friday, March 27, 2009

Tailor's Red Bi Boy

Here is the dark Red Bi boy from Tailor's litter by Tanner. I think since Tailor is the reason he has no tan points (she does not either) and he still reminds me a great deal of his daddy Tanner in structure, his name will be "PlumRidge Tailor Made in Bronze" (no I don't have a great call name yet ... but welcome suggestions)
He is going to have a pretty head!!
He found a old piece of felted wool in the yard (and yep he found the one that is his color!!)

The pups are picking up my addiction for Mt. Dew as well. (I just like them full and they love them empty!!) If I could only teach them to put them in the recycle bin!

My what a big mouth you have!!

He self stacks himself when he stops naturally (gosh I love to see that!!)

Froggie doggie!!

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