Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cloud's puppies

I am a 'bad blogger'.... I have not had time to post my exciting new litter!! Cloud gave birth to a beautiful litter of pups by Kane.
Here are the early photos of them!!

Boy #1

Boy #2

Boy #3

Boy #4

Boys group photo

Boys group

Girl #1

Girl #2

Girl #3

Girls group

Groups photo of girls

These pups should be awesome workers with great personalities to live with (living with Cloud and Kane is truly a joy.... working them on stock is an even bigger joy!!).
They are getting handled often, loved on and Cloud is even trying to teach them to play with stuffed toys already (she grabs a stuffed toy and brings it into the whelping box and squeaks it for them .... Ok she is just playing for herself, but if you ask her she is 'teaching' the babies the art of "Squeak Toys".).
More photos of the cuties later (I PROMISE!!).

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Billy said...

Boy #2 is a Coal Clone!