Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Connections

I have been wanting to take these photos for a long time (well since the birth of Miss's litter thus creating the four generations under one roof).Mishka is my beloved 'old lady' and so I felt it was only fitting that I get photos of them all together.
The group (from RIGHT to LEFT)
Mishka (the grand 'old lady')
Miss (Mishka's daughter)
Fan (Miss's daughter thus Mishka's granddaughter)
Mulan (Miss's granddaughter thus Mishka's great grand daughter)
I needed to get these photos when I did (last week) as Fan (Mishka's grand puppy) was headed to her new home as a working goat dog.

The photos didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped... I knew Miss would be busy looking behind the fence for squirrels, and of course the 'old lady' only has so much tolerance for cold (it was in the teens) and for the youngsters....

Needless to say this was the 'out take' that ended my attempt for the 'perfect photo'
... Grandma said she had taken 'enough' from the young whipper snappers poking at her!!

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