Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wet Weather

We have been getting a great deal of rain here. I will admit, I am sick of the wet, icky, muddy weather. HOWEVER I am not ready for full blown winter (snow included) so I will take rain over snow at this point.
The dogs love the mud, they have no problem playing in the downpours they don't care!
So I figured since I can't get any 'cute' sunny pretty dog photos, I would roll with the rain clouds and show you all the wet mud kids!!
CueB (Imp. Ellie x Kane)
Fan (Imp. Miss x Blue)
Erika (Nala x Ch. Eddee)Glory (Missie x Panda)Imp. Meg
Imp. MulanPearl (Treasure x Ch. Coree)Sin (Coral x Vegas)
Spirit (Miley x Hal)
Sunny (Imp. Cloud x Kane)Jag (Imp. Cloud x Kane) - He wants to work rain or shine!!

Even old guy Player (he turned 10 this year) had to get into the 'act'. It had quit raining when he came out to play ... but that didn't stop him from dunking his nose in a mud puddle!!

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