Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Catch up

I again have earned the 'bad blogger' award!! I have been so busy, and of working retail has not helped me have more time. This weird wacky winter weather has not made for great times either. Instead of pretty white fluffy snow, we have had nothing but rain and mud. So this has pretty much been the dogs for Christmas!! I actually 'almost' got the van stuck in the MUD in the driveway on Christmas on my way to my Mom's house for Christmas dinner!!Tiff (Gabby x Vegas pup)

Spirit (Miley x Hal)
Sin (Coral x Vegas)
Pearl (Treasure x Coree)
Imp. Mulan
Imp. Meg
Glory (a Missie Daughter)
Erika (Nala x Eddee)
CueB (Imp. Ellie x Kane)

Even old guy Player could stay out of the mud!! He turned 10 years old in Oct. (but don't tell him that ... he still thinks he is a kid).

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