Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Headed Home

Just over a year ago Carver came home from Germany. Along with him Myrjam brought two of his daughters. Betty was a pretty black tri who later went on to FL to live, and Shine stayed with me. Although Carver had sired many wonderful pups overseas I had not used him for stud here in the US prior to his trip to Germany. So Shine was my first offspring of this great boy "Carver". Needless to say we were quite excited to have little "Shine" here with us!
This was Mryjam with Carver and his two daughters!! (Talk about CUTE!!)

Well here is Shine and her 'old man' now....

Sadly (and not so sadly) Shine will soon part company with her father and head home to Germany. Shine's paperwork to get into the AKC turned into a nightmare that was not looking good. Shine's brother is doing fabulous in Europe showing ... and with that big FLUFFY tail of hers Shine will fight an uphill battle here in the showring. So we felt it was best for her to head home to her 'native' land of Germany!
I am going to miss the little "light" ... but in the end I know it is the best for both kennels. I had tears in my eyes as I gave her a bath to ready her for her trip!!

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