Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally some photos of the new guy!!

Well I was able to get photos of one of the 'new' additions!!

His call name in Germany was "Grizzly" ... but I have decided to register him as PlumRidge Sunnycreek Guitar Hero so I think a call name change will be in order (put your thinking caps on guys .... send me suggestions!!).

The father to this pretty boy is "Gibson" he is a boy living in Germany but bred here in the US.

His mother is "Slick" who is from my breeding of "Isis x Tanner". So this pup is actually a grandson of "Tanner" who resided over in Germany for a while standing stud. (Slick is also pictured on the blog to the right)

I adore his head!!!

He is quite the 'mover' so far as well. I pretty much see him 'trot' everywhere!! (and he can keep up with the other pups who are running!!)

His foot timing is very good!!

He also loves to go for rides!! If you leave the side door of the van open ... he crawls right in!!

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