Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Fools BABIES!!!

This is a breeding I have wanted and planned for a long time. After importing Ellie in and beginning to work her on stock, I knew that someday I would want to cross her children to a Imp. Cloud offspring. (Both bitches go back to similar lines that I like a great deal).

This good sized litter of pups were delivered with little to no help from me by "CueB" (she is pictured on the right of the blog). The proud father is "Fog" (also pictured to the right on the blog).

Inhale deeply there will be lots of puppy breath!!! This photo was taken shortly after they were delivered and dried. Sadly we did loose the smallest black and white boy. Leaving us with a wonderful litter of EIGHT puppies!!

The count is: BOYS: Two black and white males, Two black tri males (one has very little white like grandma Cloud and daddy Fog), one slate blue boy (he too has little white). GIRLS: One black tri girl (almost no white on her) and two Slate merle girls.

Yep that's right!! The two slate (merle) girls do have darker slate spots on them ... which clearly answers the question that Fog is a merle since he now has produced two merle offspring!!

Don't worry there will be lots more photos to come!! They are already a week old (yeah yeah I know I needed to get the photos up faster ... but had a busy week!!). I do have week old photos taken already and I will post them soon I PROMISE!!

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