Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Puppy Photo shoot outtakes!!

I brought the little guys out to my photo backdrop area (OK it's a fleece blanket laid on the couch) in a cardboard box. It seemed that box made for some cute photos as the pups seemed to play in there ... then go RIGHT to sleep - and I mean dead to the world asleep!!

But first.... some cute photos on the blanket!!
Two brothers... (the Black tri boy #2 and black and white boy #2)

I mentioned in my earlier post ... the black tri boy #2 likes to talk. Here's a photo of him 'singing".
Now onto the box!!

Playtime .... wrestling!!

I am getting sleepy.....

Yep he's out!!

So is he!!

She is too!! (Puppies can sleep in the funniest positions!! )

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