Monday, April 19, 2010

Updated Photos of CueB x Fog pups

Here are some photos of the CueB x Fog puppies at a week old.

Part of why these photos are late in being posted, is that we have been busy fighting hard to make sure a few of the smaller ones were thriving. With a litter this size (and a new Momma) it is always a concern that all pups grown and thrive. Sadly one of the slate merle girls failed to grow and thrive. Despite our round the clock efforts (vet calls, SQ fluids, additional feedings, antibiotics just in case etc... etc...) she ended up to not be a viable puppy and passed away.

So here are the happy healthy remaining pups!!
Slate Boy

Black and white Boy #2

Black and white Boy #1

Black Tri Boy #2

Black Tri Boy #1

Slate Merle Girl

Black Tri Girl

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