Monday, April 20, 2009

Mishka update

(Mishka during one of our 'demos' years ago... Sheriff "Mishka" rounding up the 'jailbirds')

Well today was an up and down day. Our biggest problem right now is trying to get the insulin / glucose levels regulated. This new insulin does appear to be making some impact but it's not as long lasting as the old stuff she was on before. Which means a spike in the middle of the day... which makes her need an additional injection so far.

I also now have a far greater respect for anyone with diabetes. The careful monitoring is really something that just takes a great deal of work. I also am amazed at the price of the testing supplies. I have found it is cheaper to buy a new meter with testing strips included than it is to buy the test strips alone. I am now on my third meter (and have spent less than if I had bought test strips for the first meter!).

I am concerned this is not going to be 'turned around' with my beloved old lady and that these are her last days. BUT we are trying. When her good days are out weighed by her bad days ... then we will know it is time.

Thank you to all that have expressed your kind thoughts and prayers. It is greatly appreciated!!!

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