Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Mishka update

(Mishka putting the sheep in the pen early in the morning at a trial years ago. Click on the photo to see it large.. it's a pretty one!!)

Today was certainly a good day!! Mishka was perky, happy and ate VERY well today (no throwing up at all!). I think my hard work on the blood glucose curves is beginning to pay off. I get up round the clock every few hours (yep all night long I never sleep more than two hours at a time) to test her blood glucose level. It appears she is reacting to the new insulin better than the 'old' one and we are now beginning to see when she needs more insulin etc... etc...

If the blood glucose levels can be regulated again, then we can focus on what is going on with her liver and hopefully the medication might actually kick in and help out!!

It's is so nice to have a good day!!!

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