Friday, April 3, 2009

Gabby's pups

Here are some photos of the pups from Gabby's litter.
This little blue girl loves to follow and is very hard to photograph!!

This little blue girl reminds me of her 'great aunt' Erika!!

My last Rotties passed away a few years ago (you are still very missed Dylan & Simone). When this boy popped out ... I was glad there was not a Rottie in the house anymore (as one could think he was part Rottie!!)

These pups were born on Inauguration Day so this boy's name is "Plum Ridge Inauguration Day" his call name is "Augie"!!

Even with little white, I just LOVE his head!!
He is maturing into a very nice mover too!!

So far I am happy with his structure too!!

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