Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Red Merle boy's home fell thru!!

We feel we have waited long enough. The home that arranged to show and put a deposit on this wonderful boy, appears unable to take him. So at no fault to this pretty boy, he is looking for a home again.
We will entertain all types of homes (show, performance or simple active companion). All appropriate contracts and guarantees will apply (of course).
He is a nice middle of the road puppy. He is not a 'over the top peel off the ceiling' puppy but he is not going to be a couch potato either.
Structurally I am still very pleased with him, he is holding himself together very well even heading into the 'puppy gangles' stage.

He is used to playing with the adult dogs (seen here with his Mom Tailor)

And has good respect for his elders (not an overly dominate puppy)

He also is quite personable and comes when you call him!!

If I didn't have access to his older brother "Ike" I would be tempted .............

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