Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mishka progress!!

(Mishka working a few years back)

Well there has been no more throwing up!! (for the last few days that is!!). Her water intake is in the normal range as well! The new new (third kind now) insulin appears to be lasting FAR longer than the others and she is reacting to it well so far.

She is willing to eat her dry food with only a tiny bit of extra added to it (special canned for low glucose) and overall is happy and comfortable!!
I was able to get more of a 'normal' night's sleep only getting up once to do a blood curve (and it was in the normal range).
She actually went an entire 12 hours before needing another injection of insulin ... which is what we are hoping to get to (twice a day like we had before).
Once we can get this hurdle passed then we can truly look at how the medication for her liver is doing too so we are not out of the woods but progress is good!!


I got the van fixed yesterday!! WHOOO HOOO (and cheaper than I expected for more things done!!)

Life is getting better!!

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