Sunday, April 19, 2009

The sad news this week

Well I've had a really tough last few days. (I get terrible headaches when I cry ... so these days have been compounded by headaches too!!).

I was supposed to be at four days of dogshows (Malone and Audrey got all bathed up and got to go all of one day before the van's brakes went out and the mechanic could not fix it before the weekend!!) The van breakdown and those shows seems so unimportant right about now.

As many of you know my beloved old lady "Mishka" has diabetes and recently has gotten very hard to be 'regulated'. Constant excessive urination, and regular vomiting after meals (which makes it almost impossible to give her insulin since her stomach becomes empty) were just part of our problem.

In order to try to help figure out what was going on, I learned how to draw her blood and run glucose tests on her myself at home. She is an outstanding model patient and so tolerant of me 'poking' her for blood. Sadly those blood curves showed worse than we had hoped. She is not reacting to the current insulin (her glucose actually goes up after insulin instead of going down).

Many trips to the vet, and numerous tests later that additional information has just come in that is just plain 'not good'. Mishka is now in liver failure.

In order to make her as comfortable as possible, the vets have prescribed some nausea medication so she can eat and hold the food down (which if we keep her calm and do small meals we have not had to need to use yet), thankfully there is another form of insulin that we can also try (a human form) which she started just last night. And there is a over the counter liver supplement our vet gave us as well. So far the new insulin appears to be making her blood curves look a bit better (not normal but better) but the liver medication makes her not hungry (she has already lost a great deal of weight in the last three weeks).

There appears little more for us to do without invasive surgery and excessive tests. At this point I think the best thing I can do it make her comfortable and enjoy her for the little time she has left. (Yes tears are streaming down my face as I type).

It is taking a great deal of time do the blood curves every two hours with the new insulin but if it helps and gives me more time with her I am fine with that.

I knew this time would come (I hate when our dogs get old!!) but it just seemed like less than a month ago she was romping around wanting to go for a ride and happy as a clam. I am just not ready.... Please put her in your prayers, and if ya need to get ahold of me .... remember I might be crying when you call. I adore this dog ... more than I ever thought I would when I agreed to import her.

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Sunnycreek - Germany said...

you are in my thoughts...
All the best,Wendy and Mishka!!!