Monday, January 5, 2009

Candy x Fog pups are 4 weeks old!!

Here are the latest photos of these guys!! I am beginning to see who is rough coated and who is smooth. Some of the pups I am still very much on the 'fence' as to what they are as of yet. They can still change I am told. (This is only the second smooth to rough litter I have bred .... and the first ended up to be ALL smooths!!)

This is Taffy, the only girl. She is one I am certainly on the fence about. One day I think 'yep she has fluff, the next day I say 'nah' your gonna be smooth! Today I lean toward smooth!

Here's Mike, He is gonna have fluff!!

And then there is "Ike" he is going to have fluff too (maybe not quite as much as Mike but he sure looks fluffy to me!!)

Hershey has me stumped too! He looked pretty smooth a week ago and now is fluffier. This week's bet will be 'fluffy'

Crow is the resident fur ball for sure!! He has been a bit 'curly' around the ears for a longtime and is just getting more and more. I think he is going to have a great amount of coat (like his daddy!!)

Clark is going to be a SMOOTH!! He has been slick and tight coated since day one and is not changing one bit!!

Brach had some fluff early on, but now appears to be much slicker. I am pretty sure he is going to end up as a smooth coat as well.
So that is 'this week's predictions' for coat length. Tune in next week to see if it changes!!!

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