Monday, January 26, 2009

Carver's daughter WINS !!!

This is "Betty"
She is from the Sunnycreek litter of our Carver x Peach (co-bred by me but whelped in Germany). My "Shine" is her full sibling.

Cindy of Mandolyn Aussie is already burning up the ASCA puppy classes with her!!

Best of Opposite Sex Puppy (even with the tail!!)
Good job Cindy!!!


Sunnycreek - Germany said...

I'm so proud of lil Betty;-)
and I'm sure her siblings will
also hit the showring....
Way 2 Go!


PlumRidgeDogs said...

Myrjam you did a great job with this litter!! I adore my "Shine" and the rest of the pups too!!