Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tailor x Tanner pups out of the whelping pool

This past week I have been finding them out of the whelping pool more than they were in it. I even watched one on them peeking over the side... and another 'helpful brother' crawled under him and just pushed him right over!! (yeah I know video moment ... no video camera with me at the time!!)

Gosh time flies!!!!

So I took their pool away from them and they are enjoying the full puppy area. I took these quick shots of them playing.

Talk to the 'paw"

The 'eye swish'

Your not listening ...

The red tri boy #2

Yeah I am pretty sure "I'm cute"

Just look at my pretty head!!

Red Tri boy #1

The red merle boy ....he sure is a looker!!

The dark red bi boy ... he almost appears black in photos he is so dark!!

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