Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here is a short video of Cloud working sheep in a smaller pen. She had not gotten to work in quite awhile. I just pulled her out of the van and sent her to work ... and this is what I got. I sadly had to mute the sound as all you could here was me occasionally with a 'lie down' or a flank... but it was drowned out by the terrible wind that day.

Cloud is the mother to "Fog" (the daddy of Candy's pups). She is also the mother to "Coal" (the dog who is now with Billy "One for the Book" blog) as well as "Bill" (residing at a friends as a pet for now) and "Rain" the silly imp that makes me laugh daily.

I really enjoy working Cloud .. and get reminded of this every time I do. She needs her advanced legs in ASCA sheep & ducks ...simply because I have not entered her in a trial at that level yet.. (I know bad Mommy).. but trial or workday... Cloud lives for it all!!

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