Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pupdate!! Candy x Fog pups 5 weeks old

Here is the crew at 5 weeks old!! It was a busy week, so they got their photos taken at about 2am at night!! (didn't make for the best set up but we got it done).

I adore this litter!! They are out going but also just sweet and personable, a few are total suck ups (thanks for passing that one on grandpa Kane and momma Candy!!). I am having a tough time deciding who I want to keep for me!!

Above is Taffy (our one and only girl).. she is going to be a smooth

This is "Mike" he appears rough coated

Above is "Ike" he is going to be a med. to rough coat.

Here is Hershey ... he is going to be a med. to smooth coat

This is Crow ... he is going to be a rough coat.

This is Clark .. he is going to be a smooth for sure.

Then last but not least ... this is Brach. He is a smooth coat as well.

Enjoy the virtual puppy breath!!!

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