Sunday, January 4, 2009

NEW titles for Coal

**file photos (from Billy)**

I have been a "very" bad grandma and have not gotten this written up sooner!! I heard about it quickly but then got busy with all the pupsters and didn't get it posted. (sorry Billy and Coal!!).

But I am still very proud!!

Coal is one of the pups I bred from Imported Cloud to my homebred boy PlumRidge Mac He is also the brother to Rain, Bill and Fog. Fog is also the sire to the BC litter I have now by Candy (and little Crow sure looks alot like 'Uncle Coal"!!)
So anyway, "Uncle" Coal gets to live in CA where herding can go on in the winter time (you are lucky for that ... but yeah your gas prices suck compared to ours!!). This being the case, Coal and Billy (his great Mom and trainer) went to an AHBA herding trial on the Christmas holiday weekend.

They cleaned up!! WHOOOO HOOOO Coal walked away with two new titles in just one weekend!! He now has his HTD III (on sheep) and his HRD III (on sheep). These are the top level for AHBA so now he will be competing for HTCH (herding championship) points in this venue for sheep from now on.

Billy also has a wonderful 'blog' on this site and she goes into more detail about her runs (including his shed!!), has a few photos of Coal working, and also talks about her wonderful older boy "Bid" (who I like a great deal too!!). I have added the link to her blog post here for anyone that wants to read:

I am so proud of you Billy (and Coal!). I sure hope your brother Bill, and newphew Crow can 'grow up enough' some day to be doing so well too!!

Thanks for giving the boy such a great home!!! I 'knew' you two were a fit when he was a puppy!!!


Billy said...

Thanks, Wendy, for a wonderful pup. He is not for sale, but I could have sold him many times over to the Open handlers. We'll be running Pro-Novice and Nursery in the upcoming months. He is a good little boy! --Billy

PlumRidgeDogs said...

You have done wonders with Coal and I am so happy he is with you!!