Friday, January 23, 2009

Candy's pups are a Riot!

Candy and her pups are very close. They are often seen sleeping all in a pile together. They cuddle and nap... ah such cutie little darlings.......

They love being near Mom
Heads are usually close together (this is Candy on the left, Hershey top, Crow bottom of the photo on the 'bottom' and Mike draped over top of Crow).
Well most of the time the heads are close together ... That is Taffy under Clark's legs.
This is the entire pile..

Then they begin to wake ... Hershey was first this time ... 'Oh Momma you are HERE!!"

They scream and cry about getting out of their pen!! I think one is stuck so I rush over to save a puppy and they just let go (not stuck at all) and look up like "well are you gonna let us out?!??"
Ah the joys of puppyhood!!!

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