Thursday, January 1, 2009

The "Water gene"??

When Miss first arrived from Scotland, she was pretty stressed but easy to handle. She was quiet as a mouse in a crate and good as gold over all.

Well now that she has had her litter of pups, and become quite comfortable living here with us, she has certainly shown us a few 'interesting' tricks!!

Miss LOVES water!! and this is not just outside in the puddles, and outside pools. She loves water inside too!! She now digs in the water buckets in the puppy pen and crate as well!!

If I give her a water bucket in her crate, it only takes a few minutes and she has a emtpy water bucket and is standing in a pool of water!!

She dumps the buckets outside (rain or shine, sleet or snow... not to mention frozen ground). With our frozen weather she has made an ice skating rink where my buckets normally sit. (and yes I do get the empty bucket before it freezes to the ground and is stuck!!).

Now that his 'habit' has come out, her children have decided this is a GREAT game!! They can't keep water in their bucket either!!

A night or two ago, I hear this terrible banging in the puppy room, I go running in there thinking 'oh no' a puppy is stuck!! Oh NO!! The Miss pups are all standing at the edge of their pen looking at me SOAKED !!

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