Friday, January 23, 2009

Candy's pups get a visit from Great Grandpa Hal

Hal is the father to Mac, Mac is the father Fog. So that make these pups his great grandchildren.

Last week Hal's owner needed to be out of town for a few days ... so Hal came to stay with me for the time.

We took the chance to get a few photos of him with his great grand kids. I had thought it would be cool to get a 'generational' photo of Hal, Spirit (in place of Mac since he is gone), Fog and the pups but with the sub zero weather outside and no good place for them all to line up inside (especially since pups don't sit still!!) we passed on that photo op and took these instead.

Hal is a bit old and not so tolerant of the pups .. but a bribe of a toy worked wonders!!!

Hal with the 'dark' boys Crow and Hershey

Hal paying attention to the toy while Crow and Hershey plan the escape.

Mike in the foreground and Ike sitting in the back
Mike putting a paw on Great Grand Dad

Ike not sure why he has to sit by this guy... (he did show me his teeth)

Brach and Clark were not impressed and took the chance to explore instead.

Taffy surprisingly did the best ... she loved her Great Grand Daddy!!
Yeah we are cute together!!

What do you mean I better not stand on the old guy.....

Oh that is why I shouldn't stand on the old guy!!!

Hal gives her a kiss in the end anyway ... (after all they are related!!)

Hal gets his reward... at 12 years old he still LOVES his toys!!!

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