Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miss x Blue Pupdate (8 weeks old)

They are now old enough to begin to leave 'the nest'. Indy (the tri girl #2 with most white) gets to fly on Tuesday!!
Tri Girl #1 (she is staying here!!)
I like her structure and her drive!!
My 'pretty' girl!!
"Spec" the Merle boy
He is a cuddly sweetheart!!
"Indy" (Tri girl #2)
This girlie has personality!!
Black and white girl (look at those silly ears!!)

The two tri girlsSpec (merle boy) and Indy (Tri Girl #2)
They love to play tug!!
Yeah they can play for hours!!!
Grandma (literally) "Mishka" looking in on as the black and white girl hopes she will come join the fun!!

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